Web Development

"Website Optimization" is included in our pricing/we do NOT charge extra for this service!
PRICING: custom fifteen-page complete website with media, images, slide-shows and custom graphics. Slick, modern, pages load lightning-fast, user friendly, "Googles" well and easy to navigate.


Smaller website with fewer pages and features
(you see LOTs of these out there).

$200 to $1,995

Larger, more complex websites with additional pages, multiple assortments of graphic images and information. Usually will have exotic "action" features and shows with high-impact graphics - eCommerce can also be added.

$2,000 to ???

Monthly Website Maintenance: this fee will go into effect one month after the project is completed, posted and billed. Includes repairs, "glitch-fixes" and minor revisions. Can be paid monthly, quarterly or annually. $50
It's all about giving you exactly what you want and measuring the time-investment required for design & construction.
Please read the notes below...
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for details

A Custom fifteen-page complete website, with media, images, slide-shows and custom graphics will be priced as shown on line-one above. Tiny ones can be less, more enthusiastic ones can cost more. Adding an eCommerce module will add expense also, including monthly fees from that provider. All of this will be negotiated as the design progresses. The difficulty lies in identifying exactly what you want and need for your projected website presence.

One of our clients originally specified a standard fifteen page website with media/photos. Three years later we just completed his one-hundred (100) page project...!!! The fees were adjusted as we progressed, revised and changed. He ended up with a terrific Legacy Website at an increased, but agreed-upon, price.             

This website was recently described by a *Pro Racer as 
              "The BEST automotive website I have ever seen!"

                                             (*name available on request)