"Website Optimization" is included in our pricing.
We do NOT charge extra for this service!

PRICING: minimal website, just a few pages, images, slide-shows and custom graphics."Googles" well and easy to navigate.
Hundreds of these out there...


PRICING: custom twelve-page website with media, images, slide-shows and graphics. Quick turnaround. Pages load lightning-fast, user friendly,easy to navigate. Our most popular product.


elaborate multi-page website with product, media, images, slide-shows and custom graphics. Sales pages with eCommerce modules (monthly fees apply). High-style, contemporary, compelling, pages load lightning-fast, user friendly.
"Googles" well and easy to navigate.
Our BEST product...!!!.


Monthly Website Maintenance:
this fee will go into effect one month
after the project is completed, posted and billed.
Includes repairs, "glitch-fixes" and minor revisions.
Can be paid monthly, quarterly or annually.
$50 per month